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celling speakers

DSP6506F Frameless Ceiling Speaker adopts the fashionable thin-edge plane big cylinder and the carbon alloy aluminum mesh design with the RAL white coating so as to integrate with any indoor place perfectly. 

● Adopt the stylish ultra-narrow design, combined with the RAL white coating, to be perfectly integrated into any indoor occasion.
● The 8ʺ woofer and magnetic circuit with a special process of engineering plastics, PP injection drum paper, waterproof surface, and optional rear cover for stronger low-frequency sound.
● Coaxial 1ʺ tweeter with clear and bright treble. Treble diffractive loading provides wide and uniform coverage.
● Meet IEC 268-5 power handling capability (PHC).
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DSP6506L is a 6.5” ceiling speaker with 8Ω. With the wide frequency response 140-18,000Hz, the multiple terminals can be applied to different occasions vary in area sizes and background noises; It is made of high quality engineering plastic, which ensures long-term durability. Spring clip clamp makes the easy and secure installation; Driver surround excellent damping, long life, clear and sonorous sound

● 6.5 inch Frameless
● Aluminum Grille
● Rated Power:6W @8Ω
● Max. SPL:98±2dB
● Freq. Resp.:140Hz – 18kHz
● Sensitivity 93±2dB
● Cutout size:Ø165-170mm
● In-ceiling quick installation by spring clip
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DSP7011C is a surface mount ceiling speaker with a 70v/100v transformer built in. The 70v/100v transmission is realized in a high-voltage, low-current mode, which makes longer distance transmission and parallel connection of multiple loudspeakers possible. It’s easy to install.

● rated power at 10W, 6.5″ Speaker unit,
● Wide Freq. Response 70Hz-20kHz, Max SPL105dB±2dB
● Sensitivity 95dB±2dB, THD< 1.5%
● Voltage input 70V/100V
● 20 cores magnetic steel, ensure high quality sound effect
● Three speaker line terminal, support different power
● Product size:Ø185x74mm
● Damping for dangling edge, long term of working, better sound effect
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DM835 is a convenient and efficient home music control center. It has black and white colors, with a luxurious appearance design, pure and noble. It has abundant audio sources, including FM, SD, BT, USB, AUX1, and AUX2, and can realize quick and convenient play.

● Standard 86 box, luxurious appearance design with LED screen
● Built-in 2×10 W high efficient amplifier @ 8Ω
● Music source: USB, Micro SD, Bluetooth and FM, 2 AUX inputs;Support remote controller
● Can store 20 radio channels, support automatic and manual search
● Wide Freq. Response 20Hz~20kHz for excellent music effect
● Support MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, etc.
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DM858 is an intelligent mini host with modern minimalist design and all-metal precision body integration.

● 7” TFT capacitance IPS level touch screen
● Support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, network ,With local music, Internet music, SD and AUX input audio play methods.
● Built-in Hi-Fi digital amplifier,4-channel signal output.
● Support dual-zone independent control, volume independent adjustment.
● Built-in SIGMA DSP audio processor,10-band equalizer
● Support multiple audio format: MP3、 WAV、 FLAC.
● Built-in automatic calibration and schedule function
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DM839 is suitable for small venues like apartment, Villa, office room and retail shops. With 4”LCD touch screen, it can display functions very clearly and have accurate control. It has abundant audio source such as FM, SD, BT and AUX.

● Wireless talkback and music control center.
● Full screen design, 4ʺ IPS LCD with superior screen ratio.
● Several music modes: local music, net radio, the third-party music APP, BLUETOOTH, streaming and AUX.
● Perfect for QQ music, Kugou music and other popular third-party music APP.
● Support Micro SD card and USB.
● Support talkback and call for multiple DM839 or DM858.
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